January 14, 2011

Not much time to post about all the details today.  I need to get to the Mart.  However here is a few things I saw yesterday.   This is beautiful new stuff from Wendy Addison’s collection for Midwest.  I also saw lots of new from Fringe and tokyo milk.  I did do some shopping for Christmas […]

October 27, 2010

Please join us, Thursday, November 4th, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. for Daisy’s open house celebrating the holiday season.  We will be closed November 1st – 3rd to prepare for this big event. This years theme is Home for the Holidays.  Every year I try to think of the different meanings of the season for […]

October 24, 2010

Before we embarked on our day, Michele and I went on a scouting trip to make the final list of stops.  Of course before that I did what anyone would do and scouted the internet. I went to the website for High Hand Nursery. The pictures were lovely but I had been fooled by pictures before […]

October 21, 2010

Welcome to Horton Farm. A quick trip down the road from Auburn to Loomis lies the type of place you see in a documentary that seems to move at a different pace than most. In reality, I can only imagine that it is just as busy as any other. The farm is run by Doug […]

October 19, 2010

Sunday was our first road trip. More than 30 of us jumped on an American Stage Bus and road in pure luxury to Auburn, CA.  We took this mini adventure because one of my customers, a lovely lady by the name of Michele Abrate suggested it to me.  She is not only a world traveler […]

October 13, 2010

And the winner is….ME! I am just a simple girl with a tiny brick and mortar shop in a sleepy little suburb.  Well that is what I thought until I got a phone call back in May. The voice on the other end of the phone said “Your a star”, it was a woman’s voice […]

August 11, 2010

So I am on my way to the big gift show in New York City along with my trusty assistant Jillian.  We headed there via Washington DC to visit my son, William.  You can’t help but be in awe of the amazing things you will see at all the free museums.  As much as everyone […]

April 25, 2010

What do you think of the new Lollia display? A brilliant lady named Margot Elena created this truly lucsurious line of fragrances. With names like Wish, Relax, Breathe, Believe and Imagine you can’t help smile. I wanted it’s spot in the store to reflect how special it is. So I started with lovely glittered letters […]

April 19, 2010

Today I started really trying to figure out when to take a week away from Daisy’s for a family vacation.  Well sometimes I think of Daisy’s as my summer vacation home.  OK, how ridiculous is it to think of your work place as your vacation home? Let’s think about it though, I truly feel I […]

April 16, 2010

So I have been trying to figure out why I couldn’t hit the button on blog posts.  I was really getting into it and I loved doing it.  Chatting with friends and customers is what I do all day.  It is the best part of my job. This is a great group of people to […]