October 21, 2010

2nd Stop, The Horton Family Farm


Welcome to Horton Farm.

A quick trip down the road from Auburn to Loomis lies the type of place you see in a documentary that seems to move at a different pace than most. In reality, I can only imagine that it is just as busy as any other. The farm is run by Doug Horton and his family.  The first house you see on the main road is where his parents live.  If you take a nice walk down past the the irises and the pumpkin patch, you will see this beautiful new house that Doug and his family live in. I am not kidding you, it looks like it popped out of the pages of Sunset magazine. Doug’s daughter will be the 7th generation to have the farm.  They grow a lot of pumpkins and have the big huge patch we see, but down the way, they also have more land to farm more pumpkins.  However what they are famous for (and what you will see on the internet) is their Irises. Bearded Irises of every variety you can imagine. We will definitely be returning in the spring to see them in full bloom!  This is was the perfect spot for our lunch.  It started todrizzly-rain but not much, just enough that buying pumpkins felt right. Don’t wait to visit them until our next trip.  Here is the website to Horton Farm.

A few more glimpes of lunchtime at the farm.





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