September 8, 2012

Designer Show house 2012


It was that time of year.  4 years ago, I started bringing Jillian on my summer buying trip to NYC. Usually we make our trip about exploring all things new in our favorite city. This time we decided to shake it up a bit. The little shopkeeper and I rented a convertible and enjoyed Long Island for 5 days. This has big memories for me in so many ways. My family is from Long Island, so I spent many summers with my grandparents and many days riding bikes as far as we could. My grandpa was not one to retire and long after he sold his business he worked for the people who bought it making deliveries. He was 84 when he gave up his route. My best childhood friend, Alex and I would ride all morning but eventually Grandpa would pick us up to ride home because it got too hot for biking. Sometimes when we wanted to go all the way to “the end” (Montak), he would drop us off and then we would call (from a pay phone because I am no spring chicken) when we couldn’t take it any more. My fascination with the beautiful summer homes and the sprawling lawns, along with dreams of summers long ago is what lead to my love of the novel The Great Gatsby


As much time as I have spent in The Hamptons, I have never been to the Designer Show House that opens every summer to raise money for the local hospital. This was my opportunity to attend. So I jumped online and bought 2 tickets. We pulled up in said convertible to this beautiful home. The house was surrounded by a huge hedge. This year’s house was new construction but with classic craftsmanship. Coffered ceilings throughout was the listed feature that had me at Hello. As we walked in Jillian had an instant infatuation with the diningroom. The design group is Mabley Handler Interior Design. If you love this image I might suggest you check out the blog, House of Turquoise. Fair warning, this blog is addictive. If you want to see all the the lovely designers head to The 2012 Hampton Designer Showcase website. I will say the room I am most captivated by was not really just a room. It was the wall treatment in the entry foyer that wrapped around up the stairs. It is from designer Lee W. Robinson, and it wasn’t until after I left and read the show guide that I realized he was from Kentuky. Then it all made sense, it is the perfect mix of southern charm and classic but comfortable hampton style. You can count on some version of those walls adorning the walls of my home sometime soon. There was one large room on the lower level that was the perfect surprise. It is the room you would go to in the “off season” with a book while having a glass of wine. The designer (Libby Langdon) of this room had lots of high-design elements but it was the kind of room that had the family pictures and where you don’t fuss if the kids eat ice-cream (keep in mind with the theater this house had, the kids would be in there). Of course a quick walk of the room also noted how many of the decor items are things we have carried at Daisy’s, but that didn’t skew my objectivity. 

I could go on and on about so many rooms in this house. It was a lovely day with my lovely daughter. On top of that we were quite inspired to put our work shoes on and get shopping at the show after that. I am sure that we have just added an annual event to the trip. 


One view of the Libby Langdon room. It is quite a large room so there are many views to see. 



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