January 14, 2011

Atlanta 2011, day one

Not much time to post about all the details today.  I need to get to the Mart.  However here is a few things I saw yesterday.


This is beautiful new stuff from Wendy Addison’s collection for Midwest.  I also saw lots of new from Fringe and tokyo milk.  I did do some shopping for Christmas next year but only about 6 orders and then I switched to everyday.  I just needed a break so I bought stationary it calms me down.


I got here safe and sound.  It is amazing how much snow is on the ground in Atlanta, GA.  They just weren’t ready for this and it is no wonder because it just never happens here.  Everyone is making the best of things but so many showrooms are setting up still and getting new products that were supposed to arrive next week.  Mother Nature sure likes to play games.  Oh well, it is just a little snow.


As for the ugly, I can’t quite decide if it is more inappropriate to have a 20″ santa head coming out of your tree or a bronze painted sculpture of a college mascot in your home on display. You decide and let me know.




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