April 19, 2010


Today I started really trying to figure out when to take a week away from Daisy’s for a family vacation.  Well sometimes I think of Daisy’s as my summer vacation home.  OK, how ridiculous is it to think of your work place as your vacation home? Let’s think about it though, I truly feel I am a mom and homemaker first and a shop keeper second.  I spend most of my time away from my house at Daisy’s, it is a place I love to go and all the pretty things in there make me feel good. I do spend time there on the weekends. The cherry on top is there is no washer and dryer.  I don’t think it is a secret when I say I am not a big fan of laundry.  While I am there I get to look at books filled with pretty things (manufacturer’s catalogs).   Since I tend to get motion sickness on car rides to the mountains or coast, Daisy’s also is a convenient mile from my home. Lastly, friends come by for a visit and sometimes bring me an iced tea.

Geographical luck does come into play as living and shop keeping has me close to the beach no matter what. All of this reminds me of summers back east. My grandparents summer place was just down the road from the beach (so was their home about 6 hours away).  I am at Daisy’s year-round so I do experience some rain.  Well summers back east frequently have storms, so that works out too. One of my favorite things to do was to walk to the local ice cream & old fashioned candy shop. Daisy’s is next to an ice cream place so it is a short walk.  Although I don’t remember the owner of that place being as nice as Kate at Tucker’s. I also have wonderful memories of walking up and down the streets of the downtown area.  The streets were filled with families and their dogs looking in shops, having treats and going to the movies.  This is what it is like in front of Daisy’s frequently.  I think there is something about a 4 year old little boy screaming the words “ICE CREAM” with reckless abandon that puts a smile on your face and in your heart. Sometimes I stand at the door of my little boutique just to get a glimpse of the face that goes with the voice.  

So all in all, I do work in my vacation home. Vacations are supposed to make you feel good and ready to face the world. Being my own boss means I get to structure my time the way I see fit, just like a vacation.  Somehow I don’t think this is going to convince the 3 other people going with me that Daisy’s is where we will go.  So sometime in late July I will be asking Michelle, Monica and Abi to cover a few extra days while I hang my “gone fishin” sign. If I find that rich Aunt and Uncle I never knew I had, this is the type of vacation home I am looking for…



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