April 25, 2010


What do you think of the new Lollia display? A brilliant lady named Margot Elena created this truly lucsurious line of fragrances. With names like Wish, Relax, Breathe, Believe and Imagine you can’t help smile. I wanted it’s spot in the store to reflect how special it is. So I started with lovely glittered letters from the ever amazing Wendy Addison. Hanging them on the newest wall to get a fresh coat of my favorite color. I used part of the millions of crafting supplies I have and cut out hundreds of butterflies.  Michelle helped me layer and glue them all, it took hours but the best displays always do.  I think the wall is whimsical, girly and filled with the colors that make my heart sing. 

Daisy’s is having a special deal just in time for Mother’s Day. Purchase a bottle of bubble bath and a parfum in a lollia fragrance and get the lotion as our gift. It will be wrapped extra special to make Mom’s day perfect. Lollia isn’t just for Mom’s so we are having a Lollia party on Saturday, June 5th. There will be prizes given every hour and a special jewelry trunk show just so we can celebrate being a girl!



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