April 16, 2010

Why I haven’t written

So I have been trying to figure out why I couldn’t hit the button on blog posts.  I was really getting into it and I loved doing it.  Chatting with friends and customers is what I do all day.  It is the best part of my job. This is a great group of people to chat with and they pay much more attention to my words than my husband or children (sometimes even the dog). Blogging is a great way to chat in the night. Life is good and I have no complaints, so it wasn’t that I was hiding.  

Well it finally dawned on me, on the ever dreadful 15th of April.  I like having something to avoid in the spring.  Usually it is a no brainer and we file an extension and send in the page with our check and deal with it in the summer.  As traditional as turkey on Thanksgiving, I like trying to figure out what a receipt was for by the pool. 

So this year is a big year in our lives and my first born is college bound.  Extension is not a box on the FAFSA form.  So this was the year they would be done on time.  Instead of having iced tea and sorting my papers on an freshly sealed outdoor table, I sat on the floor in my sweats (hot chocolate in one hand) and opened manila envelopes full of valuable little slips of paper. Good news is Andy is only in 7th grade and I can go back to my little routine.  

Anyway, I think this was my problem.  Something had to be the thorn in my side, the ball and chain around my leg or the elephant in the room.  It seemed neglecting my friends was the victim.  I am sorry and I will be a better friend.  I won’t wait until summer, I am back. 



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