January 20, 2010

Vote for Eddie:

We all know I am slightly political but I try not to bring it to work, but this time I can’t help myself. Please go to Big Window Challenge and vote for Elle Decor.  Also you can text in a vote.

Here is why you should do it:

So my friends Eddie and Jaithan have been working hard in the window of Bloomies in NYC.  Eddie has been to Daisy’s and we went to the point for some all important shopping but you have seen Eddie’s work all over Martha Stewart Omnimedia and the Food network.  You might have also caught him around Alameda shooting the Halloween special he did for HGTV.  

He is working on this gig right now in a window contest at Bloomies against the VP of interior design and the guy from Apartment Therapy.  My little pal Terri has been a blogging mad woman about it on La Dolfina. Eddie did his window for Elle Decor magazine.  I love Elle Decor for lots of reasons.  First, who wouldn’t want to read a magazine all the trend setting young hip chicks of NYC read and they have some amazing photography.  Anyway I think he captured everything a trendy NYC girl would love her livingroom to look like (a.k.a. Jillian in the future). So tell me what you think is the best part.  There are 3 things out of that window that make me squeal with delight, the candle stick, the gold chairs and the frames, oh my I need them bad. 

Have a great day!




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