January 24, 2010

Rhymes with horn

 This is my centerfold girl, Charlotte Moss. OK, you all get to know a big secret but I don’t want rumors spreading around town about things that just aren’t true. Michelle knows and she isn’t any better when she spies a new cake plate coming out of the box at Daisy’s. 

The feeling that I get when I see something beautiful sends tingles up my spine and makes me loose my mind. Perfectly placed beautiful accessories and the feel of amazing silk ribbon make me forget all other things in this world exist if only for a minute. Sometimes I wonder when I am completely absorbed in the kitchen of the month in house beautiful if I could even tell you my children by name.  My dirty little secret is I would fail the test.  I love them and I would never want them to know.  When I see a velvet couch in the perfect color I am like Hugh Hefner. I am willing to face the fact that to me a beautifully set table and green depression glass are porn, along with many other X, XX and XXX collections I have acquired.  I have given up fancy cars and vacations for just the right objects of my desire. It is truly an addiction. 

Lots of people with different tastes have a similar problem and may not even know it.  Face it some people watch hours of HGTV and it doesn’t come with a child warning. The good thing about this addiction is, it is so much fun to do it in public.  The paint store is like the naughty store and the Alameda Antique fair is like the magazine section.  Of course the amount of my porn on the internet is vast as design blogs rule the day right now.  Last night while cuddled in my favorite chair with a cashmere throw I was searching for just one more peek when I found my mecca, welcome to Decorno! You got it a blog dedicated to people who think amazing design is porn. There are certain things in some postings that aren’t my style but that is what makes this addiction so great is the amount of choices.  Some people are into mid century, others Chinoiserie, while many love Arts & Crafts and I am sure it is the same in the world of Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods. 



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