January 26, 2010

Going for it and feeling the love of 2056-60

 OK, my going for muted blue or a whispery olive green is like most people going for Indian Beige.  It is what I do.  At first that was the color theory for the new paint at Daisy’s. But I had a few muses and some inspiration and decided to go for it.  First I have been utterly obsessed with Eddie and Jaithan’s window for Elle Decor at The big window challenge from apartment therapy. Second, I love the stuff on House of Turquoise.

I bought the most amazing cabinet at the antique faire in December it is the most amazing shade of green with blue paint inside on all the shelves.  I keep trying to put things on it but almost everything seems unworthy.  So with all that in mind I hit the link on Eddie’s Blog to Benjamin Moore’s regal velvet paint in blue seafoam color #2056-60. 

By the way, not much more time to vote for Eddie & Jaithan and the Elle Decor Window.  Thursday is the final day.  So go to big window challenge and text 89800 and then enter 1 in the message. It will text you right back and let you know they got it. 



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