January 27, 2010

Longing for a day of sunshine

 So I was longing for some signs of spring. I have some new paint that needs to meet the sun. I know we need the rain and I love a long shower so I am willing to put up with a fair amount to ensure I can keep them. That being said I just need a nice day.  No overcast, no rain, no wind, just a plain day that is 65 degrees or better.  I don’t see this happening anytime soon so I went wandering on the internet. So here are some signs of what I am dreaming about:

I dream of having this beautiful floor someday.  It wouldn’t work in my house.  Someday I will find out I had a lovely Uncle that had a house on the Upper East Side of NYC, somewhere not too far from the park. This must be the foyer. Maybe it is in Boston on the park and then I could walk down to eat at Todd English’s Figs on Charles Street. Anyway if he leaves me this humble abode, you will have to come for a visit.

Photography from House Beautiful and Martin Cederbland. 



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