January 12, 2010

I can’t believe it

So yesterday I was shopping with the amazing Wendy Addison.  She had the best Christmas stuff of any of the 100+ showrooms I went in by the way.  Anyway she offered to make a Christmas ornament for Daisy’s for 2010.  So I know January is a bit early to get excited about Christmas but I am! We will get the date set up very early this year so everyone can get it on their calendars. 

OK, I can say I am officially sick of shopping.  Today is day number six and I just want to get home.  I have about 12 places I have to go and just check some stuff out.  I am also trying to figure out which lamps I am going to carry in this amazing line I love. I fly home tonight and can’t wait.  Come by the shop tomorrow and say hi, I will be there all day..




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