April 27, 2023

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Every year I contemplate this whole Mother’s Day thing. I own a gift shop, so needless to say it is an important occasion for my business. I, however, am a person who loves celebrating all of life’s moments–big and little. This holiday is easier to understand when you have a close relationship with your mom, and a small child who adores you. The truth is, for many of us life isn’t that straightforward, and this day can be complicated. Let’s be serious for a moment–real moms can come in any form. The true spirit of the holiday is to celebrate someone who lifts you up.

So, to all the moms out there, I wish a very warm, loving, and happy Mother’s Day to you. However, I want to take a moment to recognize all the other women out there who deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.  If you are one of the amazing women who holds another woman up and lifts her, inspires her and makes her feel fierce, Happy Mother’s Day to you. You, my dear, make the world go around. Making another woman feel strong is the most motherly thing you can do, just as Mother Earth does. She is taking such good care of us, even when we could love her more.

I am going to proudly take a moment to thank Alexa, Alice, Angela, Aviva, Barbara, Beverly, Bessie, Carla, Christine, Deb, Donna, Erin, Erin, Freja, Graciela, Helen, Jen, Joy, Karen, Margaret, Linda, Lily, Lorraine, Mary, Meghan, Mel, Michele, Michele, Michelle, Oprah, Pilar, Sara, Sylvia, Victoria and Zoe. These are all women that have helped me when the chips are down and I needed to rise to be the best me I can be. The list consists of family, business friends, employees, inspirational women I have admired from afar, and the people I turn to when my big girl panties need to get put on straight and my body pushed out the door to do better. I think of you all often, I don’t thank you enough and I wouldn’t be near as strong as I am without you. Every year on this special weekend I will say your name in a quiet time of mediation and thank the stars above you exist.

To those of you not on that list, I do want to thank you. You lift me up with your support of my small business and I am so grateful everyday for that. It is a lucky person who works with young women all day, everyday and gets to be inspired by them, help guide them, and keep young in spirit by their energy. It’s even luckier when through my doors walk women of all ages who are “my people”; we have common interests, view life through similar lenses and feel connected. It allows me to express who I am more than anything in this world, it feeds and teaches my children valuable lessons, and has given me the opportunity to mentor those who come to me when they need a lift. Please say hi next time you are in, let me know what you love, let me know what you want in the store and mostly let me know if you need me to be that person who raises you up that day. I am here.



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