October 21, 2022

Building Our Team

Building a team isn’t easy, but the reward is amazing. Of course, a big part of Daisy’s is having such a lovely large group of dedicated customers, and we are grateful for them. The secret sauce, however, is in the team of people I work with. Retail isn’t a career many people train for, it is something that they decide to try either as a first or early job in their work life, and some people enter it later because they really enjoy people and pretty things. I love this because it means I get to work with people who have such diverse interests and backgrounds however, it makes finding my forever people a little more challenging.  At the center of all of this is my core team. They are the full-time staff that oversees the laundry list of things that need to be seen in a big-picture way. Natalie is so talented at anything related to fabric, and her style inspires us to push fashion boundaries and try new looks. I am sure you will see some displays in the future when I have chosen Natalie as a muse for the fun, fresh, and funky. Graciela is not only our resident plant guru, but keep in mind she pioneered Daisy’s garden section all the way back in 2016 when we had ten plants around the store for decoration. We have literally built a section around it, and that is because G helped me work it into our plan long before the pandemic plant trend. Then there is Jillian, not just a kid of mine but a true business person at heart; I knew this when she was 8, and we had a disagreement about painting the store. I have no idea what the future holds for her, but I have never seen anyone so quick on their feet to pivot and have their eye on the prize down the road. All of these amazing people are at the center of what we do at Daisy’s. 

It wouldn’t matter how incredible the core is; we couldn’t do it without a group of part-time people to round out our team. These people come from all different places in life. Sometimes long after they are gone, they still pop in for a visit, and we are all back together, laughing and sharing Daisy’s memories. Monica was my first super young staffer. She was 14 when she started at Daisy’s. She would price products, keep the stationery section organized, and drop Jillian off at ballet. Now she has long since graduated from college and is a career woman who has built a life around travel, friends, and family. Michelle came to us after she retired from a big fancy career in San Francisco. Erin was a mom of young ones who wanted a few hours of grown-up time and enjoyed her discount to decorate her beautiful home. Erin and her family have moved across the country, but when Ron and Jillian made their famous coast-to-coast road trip, they stopped at Erin’s to see the family for a few days. We all have so many different interests, but a commonality of loving beautiful things and how they play into making every day a little more special. 

We are always on the lookout for additional team members, and as you can see, it isn’t just one type of person. Our diverse assortment, which usually includes over 350 brands at one time, makes working here different from most places. If you are a lover of checklists, details, and love ending the day with a triumphantly completed pile, we have space for you! If paperwork is your last straw, but you love working with people and helping stylize outfits or gifts, we have space for you too! If you love using your creativity to work on projects like crafting, future display projects, and brainstorming visuals, you should also jump on board! There isn’t one right way to work in retail, and as a team, we all use each other’s strengths to create the best possible Daisy’s experience we can. Daisy’s is my greatest victory, and the family we are creating here keeps me walking through the door every day. Yes, we steam, we keep displays clean, we redisplay and redisplay again, but through all that, we get to know what makes each other smile. While green is my color, you couldn’t pay me to drink matcha, but when we need an afternoon pick me up, getting Matisse her “grass” and sharing that laughter makes it all worth it. We not only learn about each other, we learn from each other. I never thought when I started this entrepreneurial journey that the biggest lesson would be in getting to share in so many ways to travel this path we call life. 



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