March 10, 2021

Help Me Save Some Makers: A plea to my customers and retail shop owning friends.

This one goes out to the ones who create the wonderful cards that people love to see at Daisy’s and so many major retailers across the country. Last week, Paper Source went public with its bankruptcy plan. What they didn’t say in their public statement was that they placed hundreds of large orders that they requested with Net 60 terms. All these orders had rushes placed on them and all of the orders were to be filled by February. Needless to say, those orders brought delight to these small companies after all the turmoil of the last year. They hustled, maybe borrowed money, stayed up many nights prepping and packaging goods, triple-counted the items, and sent those boxes off. On Tuesday they found out that those checks for five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars were not on their way. I truly wonder how the people that made the decision to order these goods, knowing they wouldn’t be paid for as agreed, sleep at night. They stole products from small businesses to try and save themselves. We all know these things don’t usually work, and when the last few dollars are left I guarantee you there won’t be any there for so many of these great people. This is why shopping at local independent retailers is important, we are happy to pay for our products and respect the people that made them. 

Here are some ways to help….

  1. Normally I really do everything within my power to get you to shop local but now I am asking you to look at this list and feel free to place some orders with these companies directly. Here is the list of makers that I know are affected by this tragedy. 
  2. Remember that this is why we are always begging you to shop small and local. Spending your money with people who have integrity counts. 
  3. Send as many cards for no reason whatsoever to some people that you think will smile because you did. 
  4. We are setting up a special area with these cards and for the next 60 days when you come in and buy a card, we will supply the stamp. We are doing this for 60 days to symbolize the Net 60 terms this company requested on these invoices. 

The reason this is so important is these are the businesses that make the beautiful products I find and bring to you. When they go out of business or another person is scared off from starting because of all the hills they have to climb, we lose out on their art and the happiness it brings to our lives. 



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