January 10, 2010

Wow what a day!

So Saturday was my oh so secret meeting with 12 other retailers talking with a group of press people that report on the wholesale side of retail.  I can’t tell you who as it was super secret but I can tell you I kind of sat in awe in the room.  Who cares about little old me when you look at the independents that were sitting there with me.  Little fish, big sea kind of feeling.  Anyway I was so excited and I left there exhausted.  It took hours to get back on buying stuff for Daisy’s.  I kept reflecting on what was said and how I could better my business from what I learned.  It wasn’t that it wasn’t valuable, it just is hard to concentrate on tablecloths on one side of your brain when the other is tweaking a business plan. Anyway I bought some of the more predicable stuff, like the new lepi soaps. Yummy I must say the citrus black tea was my favorite. For all of you who desperately wanted Linden in everything I will have it in 2 weeks. They are a little more trendy than their regular line and will have lotions to match in about 3 months. 

So I know you have seen these but I have always wanted to do them and they have the best jewelry rolls ever for a really good price.  Cutest thing is the little attached leaf inside that holds post earrings.

OK, wait until you see these.  They are these really fancy trinket boxes.  The picture in there is just a little one they threw in there.  You can put a picture and make a little collage with it.  It is double sided so that opens up the possibilities even more. Sorry the picture isn’t very good, but I didn’t want to hold out on Michelle any longer. She will love these and so will Lana.

I am going to write about my amazing dinner last night later today.  I need to get to work but I am actually not going out tonight and that is a good thing.  But before I leave which thing is more distasteful the pig bank with princess written on the butt or a mini michael jackson glove for your tree? 

Have a fun Sunday, if you see Jillian tell her I miss her.

By the way one lucky winner will receive 1 bar of each of the 6 new lepi soaps. Just post a comment and I will pick upon my return. 




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