January 9, 2010

Friday at the gift show!

Yesterday was long but great.  I did a lot of buying for the stationary room but some fun decorating treats too.  Long day, I had my first appointment at 7:30 a.m. and left the showrooms at 6:50 p.m. to head to dinner with a group of independent “lifestyle” shop proprietors.  I am not a personal fan of that classification but I don’t have a better name so I will live with it.  Besides it allowed me to buy her…

For that reason alone you can call me what you like.  

I never thought I would go into the nail polish business but we are now going to carry butter for your nails.  It is nail polish without all the crazy bad ingredients in it.  I will tell you this.  They gave me a sample of the foot cream and if it can make these aching feet feel good I am sold.

My cute little Miss Peach and Jillian will be very excited about the fancy colors and I think you will too.  

For those of you who love the Tokyo MIlk perfumes, you will be glad to see their new lotions coming my way in April.  

Sorry the picture is so bad but I had to sneak it.  

So this morning is my fancy panel group and I am pretty excited because then I am going to the high design section so I should have amazing pictures for tomorrow. 

Have a great day! I am going to go get a jacket on now.  It is 13 degrees outside.




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