December 11, 2009

Life is Swell!

So if you go to Style Me Pretty you will see a mention of Daisy’s as a favorite place to shop.  I love this blog and to see a picture from inside my store and the name Daisy’s on there was such a great treat.  I squealed, Ron thought the dog stepped on my foot. 

So the store events have been so much fun and I am making lots of new friends everyday.  Eddie Ross and Jaithan were so much fun to get to know.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the special on HGTV, Decorating Celebrity Homes you should record it.  If for no other reason than Eddie’s craft project on making ornaments out of old shirts.  It is a brilliant way to create a large quantity of ornaments that won’t break the bank.  Jillian and I are going to make tons in pink over the coming year to decorate her play room next year.  

You were all excited to meet Wendy Addison at Daisy’s.  The other special guest we had that night was Marcia Ceppos who owns Tinsel Trading Co. in NYC.  I have to tell you my heart went pitter pat when Wendy said she was bringing Marcia.  I love tinsel trading.  It is a ribbon lovers cloud 9.  After the event I went out to dinner with Wendy and Marcia.  I felt like the heroine of a Nora Efron movie where she is getting the chance of a lifetime to hang with the women who have made it big. 

I actually stopped and decorated the living room all out last monday.  I have to confess that doesn’t always happen for this retailer.  I usually squeak out just enough at home to make it look nice but never all out like the store.  So a decorated living room, inspiring crafty folks, great customers and a cute family, LIFE IS SWELL!



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