November 23, 2009

Day #2

We have a winner! Michele Bellow’s is getting to pick $25 in any ribbon she chooses at Daisy’s.  

OK, back to work…

Store furniture rearranged – check

Naked trees up – check

Still about 30 displays to do – check

Go pick up wine – still not done

Finish the window – still not done

Getting in the spirit – Big Huge Check

So todays prize will be a picture frame.  There is nothing to keep those memories fresh in your mind as having pictures up to remind us of Christmas’ past. Just post a comment.  Come on don’t be shy, you just need to type a word or two and you are entered.  

I got this picture off the internet.  Couldn’t find a person to credit to save my life but I love ribbon and it looked like an endless sea of ribbon so I knew it was the right one for me. 



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