October 26, 2009

Part II

Having a retail store can be a bit lonely.  Well not really as I have shop-girls, friends and customers coming and going.  But who do I talk to at the water cooler? There are times I need to talk out my decision to drop a line or think of my marketing a different way. I am a lucky girl to have some really great people in my life far away that give a a sense of not being alone in the world of small retail ownership.  About 2 years ago I started reading tons of blogs and of course looking for blogs about other stores.  As I was heading down that path one day I found Curious Sofa by Debbie Dusenberry.  She is more that brilliant and my total inspiration.  I was lucky enough to get to meet up with her and a bunch of other shop owners in Atlanta last year.  I felt like I should bow to retail royalty.  She would never have allowed it as Debbie is down-to-earth, real and honest.  I think of myself as pretty creative but Debbie is at a whole other level.  I also am lucky enough to have found a friend in Abby Kerr of The Blissful in Canton, OH.  She was named one of the 50 retail stars in America last year. Abby is one of the most engaging writers I know. She and I are both crazy about Daniel LaPorte and her writing in Style Statement.  Danielle is an amazing out of the box thinker that has a talent for getting people to pull their real dreams from their subconscious.  I went to a talk she gave in Oakland not all that long ago and it made me think of taking the store in directions I never thought possible.   

So do you want to see some pretty sites I go to when I need to see beauty?

A Creative Mint I don’t think it is any secret to any of you who have been to my store that I am nuts for clusters of color no matter how random the items.  Well if you walk into my stationary room and smile because of how it lowers your blood pressure then this site is for you.  

Stylings of Cody Farquhar This site is so beautiful you almost need a cup of tea in a china cup just to look at it. 

Material Girls Blog This is interesting as it is like Daily Candy but for your house.  They don’t have a San Francisco but I follow New York as I will always fancy a 2 bedroom in Gramercy Park or the Upper West Side.  I just can’t get enough of that town. 

Of course there is Decor8, Design Sponge and Edie Ross but they are everywhere.  I think at least one of these might surprise you. 



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