October 25, 2009

Movie Stars & Close Friends, Part I

The internet is an amazingly large thing.  Large things usually have big controversy with extreme points of view and the internet is no exception. Sure it gets this label of “impersonal” but the truth is it can bring people so much closer together.  People I may never have met are friends and those who may not have crossed my path in a million years are teaching me things everyday. I have used it for years as a tool but now I feel like it is my kitchen table sometimes (when I am in blog mode that is usually where I am) and I am sitting with some friends for coffee.  

There are some people I have met only through my ability to use a keypad that have changed my life for the better.  The first one is Hope Wallace Karney,you know who she is as when you look at this lovely blog you see her work.  She is the designer of my new logo and the creator of some of the great cards you buy at Daisy’s.  Hope just got married and I agonized over what to send her for a present.  I wanted it to be creative and not part of service for 12. If you look at her site you will see a magical wedding unveiled.   Hope’s best bud is Amy and I found her site through Hope.  I am off to see them both at a crafting weekend in a few weeks and all I can think about is the kind of dramatic movie like hug it will be when I get to actually be with my friends standing on the same surface.  This is a very girly weekend and newcomers like me get a guiding hand from a “big sister” who has been there before. Amy is my big sister.  Who knew a cute little white box with a lit up piece of fruit on the top (completely dedicated to my mac) has given me a connected feeling with another person.  Amazing…

Because I don’t watch “Real Housewives” or the one about being a singer I get to sit with my laptop and gaze at stuff that makes me squeal with excitement. So who are the reality TV or “Movie Stars” of my life? Well lets see, we have Tara Frey.  Tara just wrote a book about blogging (Blogging for Bliss).  I didn’t want to like her when I first found her blog.  She is beautiful and has a picture perfect family whom she adores and lives in a part of the country I would consider one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Didn’t need one more perfect person in my life, except she writes about how she always breaks the coffee pot and how her daughter wore a crushed ball on her head like a hat.  She is real and life gives her ups and downs, so I am happy for her on some days and some days I cry for her.  The second one is the replacement for Domino magazine in my life.  Not much to say except, it is called Lonny. There are a couple of stories about houses on Long Island and one of them I even know what street it is on because I rode my bike by there as a kid.  There is a guy in the Seattle area known as The Bedlam of Beefy and I can’t get enough of him.  Amazing eye for everything from fashion to cupcakes to a lamp I am going to hunt down for my house. His blog is in this great font like he wrote you a note and he is way more sarcastic than me, which I didn’t know was possible. 

OK, there are so many more to talk about I will come back to it tomorrow.  



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