April 21, 2020

Daisy’s is Hiring!

Are you looking to make your mark in marketing? We are a super fun, brick & mortar boutique in Alameda that has a desired direction we want to take our marketing & social media in, but we need help making sure we are executing in the best possible manner to bring excitement and income to the shop. Understanding that the actual experience in-store is what will make the online presence genuine, this person is also responsible for the operations end of in-store events. This is where you come in! We’re looking for a marketing specialist with a can-do attitude and fresh ideas to help create the perfect representation of the Daisy’s experience. The position includes the production/execution of a social media calendar, overseeing in-store events and has a unique vision when it comes to photography and editing. If you understand the latest in online trends and can help plan a calendar that will keep us on the cutting edge of all we can be in the social media world while working smart, not just hard. Retail/small business experience is desired but not necessary. Our dream candidate is a motivated and driven creator who shares our passion for creating meaningful moments from ordinary life, and has a plan to help us take our media presence to the next level. 

  • Skills needed to execute this position: Understanding of modern marketing techniques, Photography, Creative wordsmithing, Resourcefulness, Good time management, Contracting outside resources if needed. We don’t expect a master of all but rather someone who knows what their strengths are and how to seek out what we need to execute a Daisy’s experience online.
  • Platforms we use quite often include: Adobe (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Rush/Pro), Canva, Mailchimp, WordPress/Showit and various marketing sites. We do not expect proficiency in all categories but adapting and initiative to work within these platforms is crucial.
  • Understand that it is about promoting on a macro and micro level. This job requires our marketing calendar to be filled with very well rounded and consistent content. 
  • The position is responsible for:
    • Events, classroom, instore and online
    • Consistent and well rounded content on a macro and micro level
    • Finding the best outsource resources to help us execute our plan

This is a full-time position. To apply, please email hello@daisysmercantile.com!



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