March 16, 2020

Work continues behind closed doors!

To our lovely customers,

Well it has been an interesting 24 hours. Some things have changed a lot and others haven’t changed a bit. We are still here and the shop is fine. The truth is I knew yesterday this was probably going to happen but I just wasn’t ready to say it out loud yet. As of now, Daisy’s is going to close until we get through this. I am not going to give you a date as no one really knows. We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. There are so many smart people out there who know what to do or at least how to make a plan. Their voices are rising to the top and they will control this situation. As I said Sunday, the sun will come out again and since we are (mostly) in California we will bask in a beautiful late spring.

This weekend was spent planning which projects we could get done: inventory, painting and such. Jillian is working on school work and helping us with the online shop. Andy and Ron will be getting my “honey-do” list checked off. Plus, social distancing doesn’t include chatting on social media with your favorite businesses so we all feel a sense of community. Please write us back via email, comment on our posts and send pictures if you did some styling you want to share. The thing I will miss the most about not having an open door everyday is talking with people, hearing about your decorating victories, gifts you gave that made you feel so good and how much you have worn that new shirt. Post on social media and tag us, email me at or text me at 510-387-3968, I am here as bored as you are. We will post lots so that we can all look at pretty things and dream a little in between games of UNO and Monopoly. 

Hang in there and smile like you just walked into Daisy’s. 

With love, 




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