July 30, 2009

Getting Started…

I have been going to do this for weeks.  So much to say and I just couldn’t select the one thing that was so important it was deemed worthy of being the first post.  I am so excited to be a blogger, yet sad I didn’t jump on the train a long time ago.  This will be a way I can bring you with me to shows and share so much I have wanted to tell everyone but couldn’t do one at a time.  On my hopes and dreams list for Daisy’s are ways to make it so much more than just another boutique. This is definitely another step in doing that. So welcome to my diary of being a shopkeeper and let me know what you want me to write about. 

Isn’t the blog lovely? One of the best things about developing a new logo, blog and website is my new friend.  Hope Wallace of Paper Relics is the genius that made it this beautiful.  You can see her beautiful line of cards at Daisy’s and of course you can click the link to besottment on the left side of the page to see her blog. 

What would a blog be without a giveaway?  So in honor of my first blog post I am giving away a comfy bathrobe from Pine Cone Hill. It is just what you need to wrap yourself up in and read blog after blog. Just post a comment and you are entered to win.  I will pick the lucky winner on Tuesday August 4th (the 17th birthday of my sweet William) at noon. 



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